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Professional Services

Lightning Protection Systems

A lightning protection system is a complete network of cables, air terminals, and grounding mechanisms designed to safely route lightning to the ground around or through a structure. Lightning protection systems are engineered and installed according to nationally recognized codes and standards, ensuring the safety of a facility and its’ occupants. Lightning protection can be installed on any structure, and will be customized to fit that particular structure. A team of skilled installers will come to the job site and work with electricians, roofers, and any other necessary trades to ensure a discrete and neatly installed system.

Grounding & Bonding Systems

The grounding portion of a lightning protection system is where the lightning enters the ground and is dissipated, leaving the structure unaffected by the lightning event. Electricity travels through the lightning cable and/or building steel to the grounding mechanism. This mechanism typically consists of copper-bonded ground rods and cable that is either mechanically fastened or welded to the ground rod, and lies outside the perimeter of the structure. When grounding a structure, the utilities (water, gas, electric, etc.) are also bonded to the lightning protection system to ensure safety of the building and its’ systems.    

Dynasphere Systems

Dynasphere systems are an alternate option to a traditional franklin rod system, and are typically used in special situations. Midwest Lightning and Grounding will consult with you to discuss lightning protection options that are best suited to your structure.

Protection Systems

National Fire Protection Association  The authority on fire, electrical, building safety. Certifying evidence of competency  from professionals in  their practice specialties  LPI Certified  Master Installer  MLG’s lead designer has achieved Master Installer status, proving full comprehension of Lightning Protection Systems NFPA 780 & LPI 175    Lightning Protection Institute  A nationwide not-for-profit  organization, provides  information on lightning safety protection systems Underwriters Laboratory Inc.   Independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and  certification organization. MLG is certified from UL University for “Designing for Compliance  to UL 96A” United Lightning  Protection Association  A trade organization  dedicated to promoting  Lightning Protection,  Awareness, and Safety Lightning Safety Alliance Corporation  A non-profit, non-stock  national corporation  comprised of lightning  protection manufacturers,  distributors, installers and  others interested in  lightning protection issues Associations & Partners
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Protecting your electrical system? Don’t forget to ask about surge suppression & protection.
Surge Protection A surge protectors’ job is to limit the voltage supplied to an electrical device, and is a good secondary measure to lightning protection. Although a surge protector cannot protect you from a direct strike, they help protect you from the secondary effects of lightning, and nearby strikes. 
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