Project Highlights
National Fire Protection Association  The authority on fire, electrical, building safety. Certifying evidence of competency  from professionals in  their practice specialties  LPI Certified  Master Installer  MLG’s lead designer has achieved Master Installer status, proving full comprehension of Lightning Protection Systems NFPA 780 & LPI 175    Lightning Protection Institute  A nationwide not-for-profit  organization, provides  information on lightning safety protection systems Underwriters Laboratory Inc.   Independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and  certification organization. MLG is certified from UL University for “Designing for Compliance  to UL 96A” United Lightning  Protection Association  A trade organization  dedicated to promoting  Lightning Protection,  Awareness, and Safety Lightning Safety Alliance Corporation  A non-profit, non-stock  national corporation  comprised of lightning  protection manufacturers,  distributors, installers and  others interested in  lightning protection issues Associations & Partners
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Cleveland Hopkins ATCT

Midwest Lightning and Grounding completed a lightning protection system meeting FAA standards on the new Cleveland Air Traffic Control Tower complete with Master Label Certificate. MLG completed this project during one of the worst winters in Cleveland history, hanging on swing stages 300 feet in the air to run a faraday cage around the outside of the tower. The FAA entrusted us to ensure the functionality and safety of the tower, so that the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will remain operational in the worst weather conditions. If you’ve flown through Cleveland, you’ve been protected by Midwest Lightning and Grounding.

Eliza Bryant - Dialysis Center

The new Eliza Bryant Center for Dialysis provides quality care for renal dialysis patients. The architectural aesthetic of the building’s exterior was important to the architectural team. Midwest Lightning and Grounding was asked to design and install a concealed Franklin Rod Lightning Protection System. We were able provide a fully functional system with only the lightning rods visible, no cable running down the visible parts of the roof. Eliza Bryant’s vital dialysis services are secure from the interruption and damage of lightning.

Silo Field Storage Facility

MLG as has also been called on to protect silo fields in the oil and gas industry. We designed a special application of a Franklin Rod System to secure the large tanks and buildings. This system also completed a Master Label Certification. Aside of protecting their assets, these particular tanks are vulnerable to lightning strikes, and the oil and gas industry needs to avoid downtime due to a possible explosion. 

Toys R US Youngstown Distribution Facility

Midwest Lightning fixed and updated an incorrectly installed lightning protection system; securing a Master Label for a Toys R Us distribution center. The 244,000 square foot facility was having problems with lightning knocking out their fire alarm system.

Moreland Hills Residence

This house burned down from a lightning strike last year, a complete two million dollar loss. After being re-built, Midwest Lightning was hired to protect the house from another tragedy.
Class II Downlead Cable,  Concealed Within Construction. Class I Downlead Cable,  Concealed Within Construction. 0’ Grade 62’ A.F.G. (Class I) 69’ A.F.G. (Class I) 80’ A.F.G. (Class II) Class I Downlead Cable,  Concealed Within Construction.
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