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National Fire Protection Association  The authority on fire, electrical, building safety. Certifying evidence of competency  from professionals in  their practice specialties  LPI Certified  Master Installer  MLG’s lead designer has achieved Master Installer status, proving full comprehension of Lightning Protection Systems NFPA 780 & LPI 175    Lightning Protection Institute  A nationwide not-for-profit  organization, provides  information on lightning safety protection systems Underwriters Laboratory Inc.   Independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and  certification organization. MLG is certified from UL University for “Designing for Compliance  to UL 96A” United Lightning  Protection Association  A trade organization  dedicated to promoting  Lightning Protection,  Awareness, and Safety Lightning Safety Alliance Corporation  A non-profit, non-stock  national corporation  comprised of lightning  protection manufacturers,  distributors, installers and  others interested in  lightning protection issues Associations & Partners
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Midwest Lightning & Grounding can provide protection for any building, no matter how large or complicated. By protecting your building you are protecting your investments and avoiding potential down time due to a lightning event. Electrical strikes will cause catastrophic damage to your structure, machinery, equipment, electronics and data - and also ignite fires that cause more damage. Lightning protection on your building ensures a safer work environment for any occupants as well.
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Adding lightning protection to any structure exponentially increases the safety of the building. It is imperative that public structures be protected above and beyond - whether it is a community’s century-old church, a hospital data center, or a convention center with thousands of people. Recovering from a electrical strike or consequential fire may take weeks or months. Vital public services cannot be interrupted. By choosing to include lightning protection in your project, your hospitals, monuments, police and fire stations are all protected to a higher standard.
Houses of Worship Police & Fire Stations Hospitals Laboratories State & Federal Buildings Parking Garages Housing Facilities Monuments Convention Centers


Pre-school through higher education, the average U.S. resident devotes a considerable amount of time perusing an education. Places of learning are an invaluable resource and regular gathering site for our children and loved ones. They should be protected from the disastrous effects of lightning strikes and fire. A professionally installed system is discreet, leaving the overall appearance of the building intact. Having lightning protection installed on a facility ensures the safety of its occupants and its resources: computer labs, science and biomedical labs, data centers, libraries, auditoriums and many others.
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Electrical strikes cause millions of dollars in residential damage each year. Between 2007 and 2011 United States fire departments responded to an annual average of 22,600 fires started by lightning; 19% of those where residential. Your home is your sanctuary. It contains the people and possessions most important to you. We provide lightning protection for your place of residence and peace of mind for you. By installing lightning protection on your home, you are actively protecting yourself from one of mother natures’ most destructive forces. Midwest Lightning & Grounding can provide you with the most up-to-date lightning protection system available, as well as bring existing systems up to current codes, to ensure you are protected. Properly designed lightning protection systems can be surprisingly discrete.  Even if a lightning strike does not ignite a fire, it can still cause a lot of damage to a home’s electronics. Today’s modern home has thousands of dollars in computers, audio/video equipment, heating and cooling systems, and computer-run appliances that are vulnerable to electrical surges. Ask MLG about surge protection when you call about lightning protection.
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